NCRC x Move Strong


NCRC x Move Strong

We are super excited to kick off a new year by bringing you a brilliant Strength & Conditioning collaboration with Team Move Strong which will add an exciting new element to your running training, getting you stronger and fitter and ready to smash a full year of injury free and PB smashing running.

Strength and conditioning (S&C) refers to the practical application of sports science to enhance movement quality and is integral to the success and longevity of an athlete. 

Maybe you aren't looking to smash any PB's or run further than your car can run on half a tanks worth of over priced petrol, then why should you be bothered about including S&C into your weekly plans? Well, regardless of if you are a runner who just runs because you enjoy it, a weekend Park Run warrior or an aspiring athlete; running is a demanding sport which can take it's toll on your poor limbs and muscles. Did you know each foot strike can generate 1.2-3x bodyweight through the lower limbs? Brutal!  Strength training helps to keep the body more resilient and ready to take this kind of pounding! 

Strength + Endurance = Resilience.

Scientific literature has also shown S&C to:
• Improve running form
• Increase VO2 Max
•Support the development of tissue around key joints
• Improve anaerobic function
• Improve body composition and lots more!

Accredited coach Emma of Team Move Strong has designed us a rolling program with two main factors at heart: health and performance. The plan can flow alongside and complement your endurance training, creating a professional and holistic approach to the development of NCRC’s thriving running community.  

The plan consists of 3 sessions per week: 1 main session, 2 mini sessions.

S&C Training will run in 4-6 week blocks that build week on week so you can feel & see progress. As it isn’t tapered to a specific event, more a general year round plan, you can jump in and out of the program subscription at any point. This is not a bodybuilding or HIIT plan, don’t expect to be blasted or left with jelly legs… it’s designed to support your running, leaving you fresh & energised. 

Check out this taster session below, learn more about S&C from our instagram Live Q&A with NCRC founder Al & Coach Emma or check out the FAQs & jump straight into the program right bloody here!


Now it’s not just “Together, we run alone”, “Together, we train alone” too.

2023, come on, let's smash it to bits!!!