NCRC - Training Plans

We get you. Your PE teacher never taught you how to run. You want to be better, you buy new shoes, you make a playlist, you get out of the house ...and after 30 seconds, you're bent over, hands on knees, gasping for your life. We promise: it gets easier. It becomes more fun.  

Download our 5K or 10K plan and let’s do one step at a time. Your legs were built for this, you just need to remind them how to do it. 

These plans were created by Ian Jackman, a NCRC running machine. who takes his wife and kid to Ibiza every summer and is fuelled by dance music and cider. 

Trust Ian, follow the plan, let’s smash those goals.

5K Training Plan - Beginners

5K Training Plan - Regular Runners

Half Marathon Training Plan - Regular Runners